Isfahan is one of the most beautiful and most attractive cities in Iran. It is also the third largest city in terms of population and the third most important of tourist cities. The reason is that it is a city capable of satisfying all tastes to attract visitors and travel enthusiasts. It is a historical vessel, famous for its beauty. Not to mention the moderate climate that it has, which allows it to be a great tourist destination in any season of the year.

Isfahan has many amazing landmarks, from ancient historical sites and magnificent Islamic architecture, bridges, beautiful domes, minarets and charming tiles, to a friendly local culture, delicious dishes, along with attractive traditional markets, and many natural places that make Isfahan the best city for holidays, being a charming city that’s worth discovering.

In every corner of this city, the beholder finds a historical impact that is rooted in the earlier eras, so its effects cannot be limited to a list or in a specific era. It is no exaggeration to say that the square of Imam Khomeini in the city of Isfahan is one of the most beautiful central squares in the whole world, which is surrounded by archaeological buildings. Unrivaled including Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque, Imam Khomeini Mosque, Bab al-Qaysariya, Qali Qabo Palace and Neche Jahan Square.

It is surrounded by a lush garden that bears its name. The walls of the building are decorated with beautiful inscriptions, called the 40 pillars. There is a secret. The fact is that they contain only twenty columns, but the reflection of the columns on the water shows double.

Anyone who cites the name of Esfahan must think of the name of its most important heritage bridge, the Se and Se Bel, which is built with a unique architecture, followed directly by the “Bel Khawaja” bridge, where you can enjoy the view of the waters of the river Zaindeh Road.

“Manar Janban” is a miracle of Isfahan art, a building built on the famous ascetic shrine Amo Abdullah in the form of two beacons. If you move one of the beacons in his hands, the whole building moves, this case is a unique phenomenon in architecture.

Isfahan is also characterized by its stunning ancient markets such as the market or bazaar of Isfahan, the old market of the city, which includes several attractive archaeological sections of historical and tourist value, including Khans. They were constructed in a wonderful manner, most notably engraving and carving on stone, ceramics and hardwood, so that the market has become a center for the sale and purchase of goods like Isfahani handicrafts, which represent the most famous handicrafts products in the world. The artistic value of this is reflected in the skill of inlaying and painting, and the manufacture of pots and artifacts of gold, silver and copper, in addition to all this weaving the finest handmade carpets known globally.

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Languages Persian
Currency Rial
Time Zone +4 G
Power Adapter 220 W
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