Kuwait is the most important city in the State of Kuwait and the capital of the country. It is a coastal touristic city par excellence and includes all the characteristics that make a tourist trip to the city an exciting one with its unique components, architecture and rich touristic, cultural and entertainment activities. If you are landing in the capital of Kuwait, prepare yourself to spend wonderful time in distinctive places, take pictures, shopping, cruises and other stuff.

The first thing the visitor will realize is that the city adores towers as it has a unique collection of magnificent towers, beginning with Al-Hamra Tower, which is ranked first in the city’s highest skyscrapers, with a height of about 414 meters and a distinctive design of 100 floors with many offices, amenities and a shopping center. Getting to the top of the tower will make you live the experience of enjoying the view of the whole city. The Liberation Tower, the second tallest tower in Kuwait, is one of the most important landmarks in the city. It is located at the city center and offers a magnificent view in the evening with its glittering lights. There are also the three Kuwait towers, which are considered among the unique architectural heritage buildings, overlooking the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. The towers have obtained the Islamic Aga Khan Award for Architecture. They contain many amenities, restaurants and shops, where you can see stunning views of Kuwait City.

If you are a heritage enthusiast, there are many heritage sites waiting for you like Sheikh Mubarak’s Booth, which was built during the age of Sheikh Mubarak in the late 19th century and is located in a vital area surrounded by many famous markets such as the date market. You can also visit the gates of the Kuwait wall, one of the most majestic and ancient monuments in Kuwait dating back to the 16th century. And the Qirayn House, which has been transformed into a historical museum and it is considered as a symbol of the struggle of the Kuwaiti people, as well as numerous historical palaces such as the Seef Palace, Mushrif Palace, Khazal Palace and others. Museums in Kuwait are among the most important attractions such as Kuwait National Museum, which includes many halls that contain many archaeological, traditional and popular collectibles, as well as the Military Museum, the Museum of Kuwait Police, the Museum of Al-Othman house and many historical archeological houses such as Sadu House, Badr House, Red Palace, Al-issa houses and others.

Kuwait is a great destination for marine adventure enthusiasts for its strategic location, unique amenities and interesting sea facades such as the Green island, an industrial island that is considered as the first of its kind in the Gulf. It is located near the Kuwait Towers, where you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and spectacular views. In addition, it contains many beautiful entertainment amenities.
If you love yachts, boats and diving, then Kuwait is the right place for you. There, you will admire the swimming pools complex, which has multiple swimming pools and offers training courses and entertainment services for young people and families. The beach in Kuwait is also a great place to relax and spend a good time in water activities and boats. The most important of which is the Maseela Beach. You can also visit the sailing boats port. On the other hand, if you like skiing, you can enjoy it in the first ski rink in the Gulf area.

Shopping is another pleasure in Kuwait. This city has a huge number of prestigious shopping centers, malls, popular and cultural markets for buying gifts and antiques such as Al-Mubarakiya market, Al Safat area. For entertainment and recreation, you will find many wonderful options in Kuwait such as the entertainment city, which is considered one of the most important entertainment cities in the Gulf. Also, there is the Aquapark that is the largest and first water city in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the tourist park, the fountain park and many more.

The city of Kuwait has many luxurious and diverse hotels that offer exceptional services to tourists and guarantee a comfortable and unforgettable stay. The city also has a transport network with the utmost flexibility, allowing you to travel comfortably.

Destination Details
Languages Arabic
Currency Dinar
Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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Weather Data Source: wetter 7 tage Kuwait-Stadt