One of the oldest tourist cities in Syria, was founded seven thousand years ago (BC) It was re-established in 300 BC. Also, named the bride of the coast due to its green forests combined with its blue beaches and mountains, this is what makes this place unique.

Latakia is considered the main port of Syria. The city receives and sends ships from and to all over Europe and the world and is linked with navigation lines connected to Mediterranean ports.

Latakia has many ancient monuments. Its historical sites are one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, some of which even date back to the Phoenician era. Some of its ancient monuments includes Ugarit Raes Shamra. It’s one of the most important popular historical site in the world, which presented the alphabet to our humanity. This monument contains many temples, one of the most important temples was dedicated to the God Baal and the God of Djinn. Lattakia also contains a large number of archaeological castles, including the citadel of Salah al-Din Ayyubi which is considered one of the masterpieces of castles and forts in Syria, including The Citadel of Al-Muneqa, the Citadel of Al-Mahalla, Al-Eido Castle, Qal’at Bani Qahtan, and the Museum of Modern Art. Other archaeological and important sites to see are The Opera House, the Gabriel Sada Library, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Khan of the East, and the Great Virtual Mosque.

Lattakia is considered the gateway to the Middle East on the Mediterranean Sea and Lattakia can be considered the summer tourist capital of Syria. Its enjoyable beautiful beaches, unique tourist services and even the known tourist areas available in Latakia, such as Kassab. Kassab is one of the most significant and beautiful tourist summer resorts in Syria. It’s inclusive of forests above sea level which overlook the Mediterranean Sea and series of mountains and springs that flow between the forests which cover the great village of Kassab.

Another very dazzling area in Latakia is the Slinfeh Village, it’s also an exquisite summer resort in Syria that is known for its wonderful atmosphere. With its green mountains and fresh springs, this village attracts tourists from all around the world. In addition to Ras al-Basit, Ras Shamra, Wadi al-Qalaa, and Frenkel forests which spread along the northern road between Lattakia and Kassab. They are characterized by the spread of pine trees, oak and cherries. You’ll also find many restaurants, snack bars however it is still considered a natural reserve in Syria.

Latakia is also considered a great station for the convenience of its visitors, contains a large number of tourist facilities, luxury resorts, restaurants, hotels and markets.

If you like entertainment, you’ll definitely find it in the city of Latakia. A number of festivals are carried out annually, the largest of these is the Festival of Love, which is characterized by a variety of activities. It includes poetry evenings and theater performances, even sports activities like football, swimming, parachuting, and horseback riding in particular, film shows and concerts. More examples of other annual festivals are the Shopping festival, the Book fair, the Flower Festival, the Melodrama Festival, the Theater Festival and the Arab Music Festival, which runs throughout the year.

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Languages Arabic
Currency Syrian Pounds
Time Zone +2 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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