Tehran is the largest city in the Islamic Republic of Iran with its Persian charm, which extends along the foot of Mount Al Barz. It is one of the most important destinations that attract tourists around the world with its amazing diversity. This picturesque Asian station is full of natural, archaeological and national treasures that amaze visitors and make tourism in it more enjoyable.

If you are landing in Tehran during your journey to Iran, there will be an endless number of charming historical monuments, unique parks, stunning landscapes, museums, shopping places and famous squares just waiting for you. Tehran has many different hotels varied in their luxurious status and prices with various services, where you can enjoy your accommodation with the best advantages, and you will have a chance to enjoy the amazing Persian culture with a comfortable stay.

The 50-meter-long Azadi Tower, located in the center of the famous Azadi Square, is an important and primary landmark in Tehran and is an attraction for tourists, In addition to the tower of Milad, which is the tallest tower in Tehran with a height of 435-meter and 12 floors. It has also many restaurants, cafes, a five-star hotel, a terrace overlooking the city of Tehran and entertainment centers and shops.

Among the most famous museums in Tehran, which attract art and antiquities lovers, are the Museum of Muzah Dar Abad, the Kach Saad Abad Museum that was a palace then converted into a museum and the Muzah Iran Pastan Museum, the first museum to be built in Iran and it contains a collection of statues, archaeological pieces, pots and fossils. Another museum is the Muzah Molt Museum that contains magnificent inscriptions and decorations on the roof with gold used in its making. It also contains Iranian fancy carpets as well as pieces and utensils made of gold, silver and bronze. Besides, there is the Museum of Dar Abad, which includes natural and wildlife monuments. You can also visit the Muzah Farsh Iran Museum, specializing in art history and the Persian carpet industry, for which Iran is famous. Many other wonderful museums exist as well. To deepen further more in Iranian history, you can visit the Nayavaran Palace Complex, the National Jewelry Treasury and the Gulstan Palace, which are open to visitors to learn more about Iranian history.

The Derbend district of Tehran is considered an attractive natural tourist destination. It is located in the middle of the Tehran mountain chain, where the visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery through a trip on the cable car and rest at the popular restaurants to savor delicious traditional Iranian food, while enjoying the refreshing nature atmosphere with hiking through the hills. The visitors can also hike through Al Baraz Mountain chain and enjoy the mountain scenery starting from the magical region of Tajal, where you will spend unforgettable time with landscapes, rivers and forests. The area of Ab Ali is also a great tourist attraction for nature lovers, where valleys, rivers, trees and natural mineral water springs will give them a chance for rest, recreation and inhalation of fresh air.

On the other hand, the lovers of the countryside and the pleasant atmosphere will find their aspirations at the “Valley of Aven Darkah” that is a distinctive place for spending time between fruit orchards, fruit trees and popular cafes. Natural touristic parks in Tehran are so many and they derive their charm from the beauty of the mountainous nature of the city, such as Jamshidiya Park, Sai Park, Bagh Wahsh Park and many others.

If you visit Tehran in the winter, you will not leave the enchanting nature without enjoying skiing in places for that purpose, such as Dizin Resort that is one of the famous resorts where skiing enthusiasts spend wonderful time during their visit to Tehran.

Shopping in Tehran will be as enjoyable as the tourism in the city. This wonderful city contains old markets where visitors can buy souvenirs and precious antiques, such as Tehran Grand Market, Bazark Tehran Bazaar, Talqani Street shops with shops selling exquisite hand made products, in addition to many bazaars, where you can shop with all the fun, such as: Bahar Bazaar, Frosh Kah Rafah, Sobah Salar Market and many others.

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Languages Persian
Currency Iranian rial
Time Zone +3:30 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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