Guangzhou - China

Guangzhou is located in the southern part of the country and is called the city of olive by the Arab. It is the third largest city of the People’s Republic of China, located on the banks of the Zhujiang River. The city was one of the Silk Road stations, linking China with the Middle East, North Africa and India. In addition, it is a major commercial port in China. The city is a destination for many visitors every year for tourism, trade and spending wonderful times, especially Arabs and Muslims, and it conjoins a large number of mosques, temples and churches. In the city, the Arab-Islamic culture blends with the Chinese one.

Among the visitors of the city was Markopoulou and Ibn Battuta and they hailed it as one of the most prosperous and growing cities of Southeast Asia. The city is also one of 24 famous cultural cities.
One of its most important features is the presence of many mosques, such as the old Waqas Mosque with its white minaret, which was the first mosque built by Muslims there, so it is the oldest mosque in China. There is also Al-Ashab Mosque, as well as many other mosques and monuments, such as the tomb of the da’is, which contains the remains of the early Muslims who brought Islam to the city. Also there is the Kaoan Temple, Guang Ziao Buddhist Temple, Sun Yat Hall, Canton Tower, Fingri Square that is a place for exhibits and events, Qingyuan Mountain, the tallest hill within the city limits that has the Equestrian Statue, the Eastern Lake Park, the Western Lake Park, Chiam Long Park, Scholar Street that is 500 meters long and it is a beautiful and wonderful street. Besides, there is the Ziguan House with the splendid Chinese architecture, Shamian Island, Taiyou Xinzheng that has towers, Citic Plaza, Science City, Wetland Park, Yuzio Park or Gongyuan that is the biggest park in china and it contains picturesque hills and magnificent lakes. In addition, there is the Ziyangjiang Zoo, a safari park with 5,000 species of magnificent wildlife.

There are also many other tourist destinations in Guangzhou, including the Guangzhou Museum, which contains 10,000 artworks, including Chinese paintings and sculptures, and it allows its visitors to obtain original and different artworks.

The Guangzhou International Airport is the official airport in the city and is the third most important airport in China. In addition, Guangzhou has a large number of different hotels that provide various services for guests, where they can enjoy the residence with massage, physiotherapy and beautification, etc. There are many restaurants distributed in Guangzhou, Serving Chinese food and international cuisine, in addition to dozens of Arab and Turkish restaurants frequented by Arab tourists to eat the food they love.

The beaches of the charming city of Guangzhou are a popular destination for tourists and citizens as well, where they can relax and enjoy sunbathing and swimming, the most important of which is the Da Mei Sha Beach. They can also enjoy fascinating landscapes, bridges and high-rise buildings on the banks of the Pearl River.

There are many diverse markets for traders and tourists to buy goods, including the Brands Market, located in the Sun Yen Lo Street, where fancy international products are offered, such as clothing, bags and shoes. There is also the Clothing Market, Furniture Market, Decoration Market, Cloth market, Shoe Market, Children Clothing Market, Tiim Commercial Complex, The Chinese toy market, the Health Products Market, the famous Food and Fish market, the Computer Market, etc.

Destination Details
Languages Standard Chinese
Currency Renminbi
Time Zone +8 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
Destination Weather
light intensity shower rain
humidity: 88%
wind: 2m/s SSE
H 32 • L 27