Shanghai .. China’s most beautiful city …

Construction in the east coast of Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa, places in China, where other places are located, and Shanghai is called the flat billiards table with an average height above sea level.
It has a range of tourist attractions in Panama.

Places to visit …
Bond area:
Is the gateway to China, and for centuries it has been the main waterfront of Shanghai and is located on the west bank of the Huangpu River. One of the main reasons for the region’s acquisition of this region is the unique designs of its buildings.
If you love, the highlight of Bond Street is the Wall of Lovers. The name is the number of fans who used to visit it to get a spectacular view of the Huangpu River directly opposite the wall, a magnificent place that embodies the beauty and splendor of the landscape. China Fit for an enjoyable tour with friends and family You should not miss it when you visit Shanghai.
For lovers of the scenic landscape, you have a date with one of China’s most famous views across the Huangpu River, especially in the glittering night hours.
There are some frescoes and concrete sculptures in the Bond area, as well as the famous bronze statue of Chi Ye, which would be nice to take a close look at them.

Disney Shanghai:
The Disney World is one of the world’s most popular Disney theme parks. This is a great place to spend a fun day with friends and family, serving as the magic gate for your little ones to get to know Disney’s fascinating world.
When you arrive at the entrance to Disneyland you will be facing the Miki Street directly, which is filled with a collection of Disney classic cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Uncle Batout.
Dreamland is another place in Disneyland that you should not miss out on. The Disney princesses’ castle is the biggest castle in Disneyland. Here you’ll see the most famous Disney movie scenes like Aladdin, Mulan, the Beast and the Seven Dwarfs.
One of the best places to visit when you arrive Disneyland Shanghai is Adventure Island which will take you to a mysterious and magical world full of adventure and hidden treasures.

Pearl of the East Tower:
Surrounded by Yangpu Bridge in the north-east and Nanpu Bridge in the southwest, it is located in the Pudong Park area of ​​Lujiazui, which is characterized not only by its height but by the unique architectural design that made it one of the most attractive places in China. Shanghai You can enjoy a short, zero-gravity trip through the balloon room with your friends. You can also enjoy inside the tower a number of halls that will accompany you to the world of fantasy and dreams such as trekking through the forest, Antarctic trip, fantasy travel, Disney theater, laser theater , Naeem Square, movie thla The dimensions, all of them inside the tower sections can had however you like.
At the base of the Pearl of the East Tower, one of the most beautiful museums of the capital, Shanghai, is the Shanghai Municipal History Museum. If you want a panoramic view of Shanghai, you can ascend to the top of the tower and visit the skywalk which will give you this view directly below your feet. The rotary restaurant is the highest restaurant ever in Shanghai.

Shanghai Museum:
If you need a trip that takes you to the ancient history of China, all you need is a quick visit to the Shanghai Museum in the heart of the People’s Square. The museum contains a collection of artifacts, antiques and monuments dating from thousands of years. You will have the opportunity to enjoy all of this. Which is difficult to be available elsewhere.
Shanghai Aquarium:
You can not find another place in all of Asia. You can be in the heart of the ocean, like the ocean aquarium in Shanghai. You can look at the depths of the sea and explore the exciting world and sea creatures lying down the ocean when you visit this wonderful place. A wide tour of the Shanghai Aquarium, there are many exotic and exotic marine organisms that you will have the chance to see face-to-face only when you visit there.
Memorial photos are important to do in this place. Who knows, perhaps when the giant salamander is extinct, then you are one of the few who have been able to take commemorative pictures next to it.

Madame Tussauds Shanghai Museum:
Is the sixth Madame Tussauds Museum around the world after London, Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong and Las Vegas museums. The museum includes seven major exhibitions with many famous and famous personalities, and when you visit Madame Tussauds in Shanghai you can learn about the magic world behind the wax industry around the world. , Madame Tussauds’ famous story and history in building wax museums Another interesting conversation worth listening to, if you have a brave heart you have to go through the cry room before you finish your visit to Madame Tussauds Shanghai Museum. The room is classified as one of the most horrifying places in the world where technology is used to make Waxing candle sculptures Life is frightening, but you can find excitement and pleasure.
Nanjing Road:
If you want to shop around the Shanghai market, head to one of the busiest streets in the world. The commercial Shaananjin boasts countless famous brands, high quality, and new trends. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and other world-famous food brands are on both sides of the road, including high-end shops Tiffany, Mont Blanc and Dunhill. In addition, nearly a hundred traditional stores and specialty stores still offer the choice of silk goods, embroidery, wool, watches and electronics.
When you visit Nanjing Street, you can take the train on the street. If you want to have an integrated view of the cultural, historical and heritage landmarks of the street, the tour of the Nanjing Avenue facilities will bring more joy and enjoyment to you, especially with many vocal bands enjoying the voice Singing with a charming night.

Shanghai Zoo:
When you visit Shanghai Zoo, you will have the chance of a great number of rare animals, such as the giant panda bear, the King of the Jungle and the Champagne, and a number of other animals that you will not be able to see anywhere else in Shanghai. The meat section has a distinctive collection of wild animals such as Tiger hills, black leopard and other predators that belong to all continents of the world The traditional red panda area takes a circular shape, allowing the red panda to rest down trees or enjoy the sunshine.
Shanghai Yuanyuan Garden:
If you are a mountain climbing enthusiast, you are undoubtedly a lucky person because of the many rocks you can climb in Yuyuan Garden, which will make you see the whole garden from the top. As you enter the gate of Shanghai Yuyuan Garden you will find a large rock directly in front of you called the Great Gypsy. Located in the southern part of the Yangtze River, the park has large green spaces that provide you with a good escape from the congestion and suffocation of the vast city.

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Time Zone (GMT+8)
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