We offer different baggage allowances based on either the weight concept or the piece concept – depending on your cabin class. This is in line with international regulations.


Should you find that your luggage did not arrive with you on your flight, you may rest assured that we always strive to repatriate your baggage utmost priority.

Bags and Luggage

Direct Flights

The allowed weight for Cham Wings passengers on economy class and for direct flights is 30 kg per passenger, as for business class passengers the allowed weight for each passenger is 40 kg Maximum.

For all domestic flights the allowed weight is only 10 kg, in addition to a 7KG as handbag.

For infant who did not exceed two years, the allowed weight is 10KG.

Bags and Luggage

Transit Flights

Travelers are advised to contact our offices or the general sales agents to learn more about allowed weight in their final destinations when they are travelling as transit, due to the differences applicable in weight policies on different Airlines.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage rate may differ based on your final destinations.
We recommend passengers who have excess baggage to contact our offices for further information.
Passengers may pay for their excess baggage at our offices before their departure flights date in order to manage their time at the Airport and to make their flight easier.

Baggage Restrictions

Some articles shall not be carried in passengers cabin baggage due to security reasons.